Our Social Media for Tradies package has been designed to give tradies the guidance and focus they need to grow their online presence with the least possible amount of time required. 


A social media strategy and special bonus to help you execute which you can see below!


Making sure your brand is being projected correctly and consistently.


Ensuring you have appropriate goals set including a clear breakdown of the method to get there

Target Audience

Ensuring your target audience is clearly defined in a way that enables you to create language that not just appropriate but also specific

Platform Plan

Detailed plan of how you can use each of the most suitable platforms, in a way that is likely to appeal to your ideal target audience.

Content Strategy

Insight into how to create appropriate content for your ideal target audience. This includes competitive analysis.

Analytics & Tracking

Making sure you are comfortable with analysing proper metrics which will enable you to monitor the return on money being invested and also have a clear indication of where improvements should be made in the future.


We have found through experience that most tradies benefit majorly by getting help with the execution.

As a result of this, you will have the option of adding on mentoring sessions with Alana where she can help guide you in the right direction. 

Our focus in these sessions is always on maximising ROI and teaching you how to leverage the social media platforms you do use properly.

We also cover any mindset blocks you may have along the way and Alana will ensure you take appropriate action to get you to where you want to be!


Tradies who are committed
to growth

A house cannot be built if there is just a bunch of tools and no tradespeople to do the work or experts to check it out!

Those who know Alana know that she is committed to getting results and ensuring that we are on the forefront of latest trends. She is passionate about clients getting results and will give you everything she can to get you there. You just need to want to grow and be willing to commit the time and proper effort into generating the outcome you want. If you are ready to do this then you are set!

Tradies who have their wife or receptionist currently doing their social media

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Bejamin Franklin

Alana has mentored many businesses who have had either a spouse or other staff member managing their social media.  The main advantage is that they get to access the expertise and strategy required and can then utilise existing staff to manage it.  If you already have a team available and don’t need to hire an agency such as us for management, but want access to the same level of expertise and also latest updates with the platforms you are on, then this is where you should start!

Business owners who don’t have a proper strategy yet but want to create one

Have you ever seen an electrician winging it with wires? We havent but unfortunately many business owners seem to take this approach with their Social Media Marketing.

No strategy yet? No problem! Thats why we are here! We love helping clients work through our 6 core elements listed above in order to give them the best chance of attracting qualified leads and achieving their ideal outcome. We find that mentoring is critical because clients who do it typically achieve results much more rapidly than those who just purchase the strategy on its own and try to figure everything else out themselves. Why reinvent the wheel when you have access to valuable expertise? 

“Simply the best!”

When I first chatted to Alana about the strategy and mentoring I was actually frustrated because I had heard so much conflicting advice about Social Media that I can honestly tell you I was close to not bothering. Once I chatted with Alana I was surprised by how much she knew and decided to give it a go anyway. Looking back I would say it is the best decision I have made in terms of marketing. What stood out for me was the way that Alana knew what to do to get us the results and in particular how simple alot of it actually was. Before we had out strategy we were attracting what Alana refers to as “noise” and now we are attracting our target and booking quotes. We have also been able to improve our nurturing process and as a result are also winning more jobs and have been recommended more as well.
I highly recommend this social media for tradies package because it worked for us!!!



Can anyone join mentoring?

No. There is a pre selection process to make sure it is what you need and that you are willing to commit. 

Is it just mentoring sessions you get access to?

No. You will receive current social media updates & the ability to ask Alana (& our team) any questions you may have along the way.

Do you help with a plan in case a crisis occurs?

Yes. Each strategy includes a crisis plan and also this will be covered as part of your mentoring.

Which social media platforms can you receive support with?

Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

Ready to get started?