Where do i start with my Social Media Marketing?

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Two of the most common issues business owners face throughout both setup and maintenance of their social media platforms, when they do not have the right goals and target audience defined, are overwhelm and/or lack of specific and measurable direction.

It makes sense – the world of digital marketing is huge – there are many platforms to learn and achieving success can be twice as hard when such platforms are not used properly.

The best place to start is setting GOALS. And I am not talking irrelevant goals such as ‘i want 1,000 likes’ – unless your focus is on numbers alone and you do not care whether the audience you are building is relevant or likely to buy.

The goals should be specific to what you want to achieve with your business and aligned with your overall purpose.

You want to show your clients the core message and values behind your business – what makes you unique and why out of all of your competitors should they choose you? After all, it is your distinct brand that will attract clients to establish a long term relationship with you.

If you are stuck the following questions may help you:

How do you want consumers to view your business?
What values and message do you want consumers to associate with your brand?
What is the main goal you want to achieve in the marketing of your business right now and why is it important?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this so please comment below or email me if you have any comments or answers you want some help with.

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Until next time, stay social!


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