Social Media is about more than just technology

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Wrong. Social media is about more than just technology. In fact we believe technology is only one of 3 key components which are as follows:

  1. TECHNOLOGY- which refers to the actual technology used including the types of platforms you select for your business and also the overall strategy you have in place as in how you utilise these platforms.
  2. PSYCHOLOGY- both in your own mindset as a business owner and the psychological aspect of the marketing strategy of your business. Many business owners who fail to achieve as much as they could in the marketing of their own business fail to recognise the importance of their own mindset. Many actually fail to take a sufficient level of action with the marketing of their business due to fear (predominantly fear of the unknown). As any of us as business owners know- you always have to be pushing the boundaries of comfort to achieve that next level and there will never be a right time where things are “ready”. The only way to conquer fear is through action.
    The other mindset component that is important is resilience combined with faith because marketing is not a straight upward sloping line. There will be times where success is relatively easy and everything falls into place and there will be times where it doesn’t- and that is where you need to ensure you have the faith and resilience to move on and reach that next level.
  3. COMMUNICATION & UNDERSTANDING: Understanding your market which includes being able to communicate properly with your audience and provide what they need. An important part of communication is being genuine and authentic. No practices of trying to entice people into a program they may not need or force a generic problem onto them without knowing specifically what they are looking for should ever be used. My rule is only ever offer people what you can provide if you can specifically see how it will assist them in resolving the specific issue they are looking to have resolved. That is what builds a good reputation on a longer term basis.These key pieces of the puzzle need to be in alignment and done properly in order for success to flow. Additionally of course you will also need to ensure your purpose, mission and values component is clearly defined)in order for you to achieve the best possible chance of succeeding with your business marketing.

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