Panicking about the changes to Facebook coming in 2018?

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The recent panic resulting from the changes proposed for Facebook for 2018 (including increased focus on engagement and organic reach diminishing) has shown us one thing……… and that is that unfortunately some business owners are still making 2 key mistakes which results in such panic.

The common mistakes being made by business owners who are experiencing this are:
1. NOT STAYING UP TO DATE with the latest trends enough so when the big changes occur it comes as a massive shock. Whilst change is an inevitable part of the marketing world, good marketers do thorough research on a consistent basis and therefore be in the forefront of changes as they are coming.
As a business owner there are also resources you can refer to, such as our Xpozur Hacks Membership Portal, which provide you with the latest tips and trends on a consistent basis.
2. HAVING A MARKETING STRATEGY WHICH DOES NOT INVOLVE ENOUGH DIVERSIFICATION and therefore one big change can cause huge disruption. Unfortunately with Facebook when the organic reach was so good many business owners viewed it as “free marketing” and put majority of their effort onto that platform alone instead of maintaining a suitable level of diversification. There were many clients asking us if they could just “drop their website and use Facebook” which of course we advised against.
Focusing on just one platform is always a risky strategy because the platforms change so regularly and as we have seen with Facebook this year- the change which occurs can also be rapid.
Consequently, whilst you can minimise the amount of spending required by having the right strategy in place- focusing on wanting “free” marketing is usually not going to end well.

The reality is that the marketing world is constantly changing and it is absolutely critical that as a business owner you stay on the forefront and with a strategy which you are able to adapt regardless of the changes.

Also, whenever in doubt always remember: adding value will never change and as long as you are focused on doing so and being genuine then no matter what the changes are you will find the right way to adapt.

If you are wanting to stay up to date with the latest articles and leading edge tips regarding Social Media Strategy, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram including connecting with likeminded business owners, and the opportunity to ask any questions you need help with, feel free to join our facebook group Social Media Hacks.


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