What to look for when choosing a social media marketer

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There are some key points you can look for when choosing a social media marketer to work with to establish whether they are right for you or not, which are as follows:

  1. When you are talking to the marketer about the service you require, notice how much the social media marketer is actively listening to what you are specifically searching for. Are they taking the time to understand where you are at and how they can assist you to get to where you want to be or are they just trying to project their “5 step generic method” onto you because it is easier for them?Also check out the quality of the content produced by the social media marketer. Can you notice that it is consistent and flows or does it look like they hire external people and therefore there is a disjoint between language?
  2. Ask the social media marketer why they use the particular social media platforms they do for their business. Do they use them for the sake of it or alternatively because they have done extensive research and worked out what will work for them.
    You always want to have a clear plan for the social media of your business as well as ensure you are using a key selection of social media platforms properly, as opposed to a whole bunch “for the sake of it” which are poorly done and result in you experiencing diminished results.
  3. Ask the social media marketer what key plan and suggestions they can suggest for you for moving forward. Any marketer who knows what they are doing should be able to give you a clear indication of what they think will help you achieve success moving forward.
  4. Find out how success (& any areas that need improvement) will be measured each month. What statistics will you be provided with? In order to consistently improve your social media marketing in the right way the statistics you monitor each month need to be correct. e.g. focusing solely on reach is not going to tell you much. Return on investment and conversion are much better metrics because ultimately this is where the true value is.
  5. Does the social media marketer have the ability to assist you with additional services such as your purpose, target audience, branding/design, web design and SEO? If your website is optimised correctly, for example, then the overall performance of any advertising you do (example facebook ads) may be diminished.
    Consequently, if there is a disjoint in the language used between your social media platforms and website then potential prospects may be put off.

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Until next time, stay social!


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