Is SEO still important?

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One of the most common questions we get asked regarding SEO is “Do I still need it?”
Specifically, business owners often ask if their social media presence across multiple sites is strong enough  then do they really need to continue with SEO.
Ultimately there is no clear answer and it depends on how well your website is setup and optimised.
However we would argue overall that Search Engine Optimisation is still very important in order for your website to continue to rank properly in Google.

Why we believe SEO is still very important because:

  • It dramatically increases the chance of your website to be FOUND IN GOOGLE– which majority of people still use as the main search tool.
  • If people notice your business on social media- the next step they will generally take is to look up your website to see whether you appear credible &/or TRUSTWORTHY.
  • In reference to the overall marketing strategy you have with your business it is important to always DIVERSIFY. Unfortunately a lot of business owners fell into the trap of not wanting to pay for SEO once Facebook’s organic reach became so good and guess what? Now that the organic reach on Facebook has dropped dramatically some of these businesses are the ones that are struggling because they had all of their eggs in the one “seemingly free” basket.
  • Gaining the right traffic has strong correlation with how much CONVERSION & THEREFORE PROFIT your business will make online. There is no point producing products/services which are excellent yet not seen by your ideal target audience. An example of this is that SEO is especially important for those businesses in the service sector because majority of people looking for service based work use Google to find a suitable business who can assist and even if they find them on Facebook research shows they usually will then look at the website of the business to establish whether they appear trustworthy.

Always remember SEO is really a longer term game. It is something that when used over time usually provides significant benefits- but it therefore will not suit business owners who want a “quick magical pill which will give them all the answers.”

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