Instagram Updates November 2018

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Instagram is expanding and creating new features all the time- its one of the things we love about it!
Here is our list of our favourite most recent updates:


  • HASHTAGS in your profile – this is not a super recent update but one that did happen this year and we are finding not everyone knows about!
  • New QUICK REPLIES available for DMs- quick replies only applies to business accounts so you can save yourself having to repeat generic messages constantly.
  • GIFs and VOICE can be used in messaging
  • RECOMMENDED POSTS which you have probably seen already. If Instagram notices you are engaging with content that is of a certain type, or associated with a certain hashtag, then it will provide you with suggestions such as recommended posts at the end of your Feed
  • New ways to connect through the launch of NAMETAG: Why does it exist? Its easier for people to contact you of course! Nametag is a customisable identification card which takes people to your Instagram profile when it is scanned.


  • Emoji sliders, questions and polls are available and also music is now available too.
  • Shopping is now available – business profiles can tag products in their stories (providing more reach and ROI options) & testing new shopping channel in the explore section. This is an awesome feature for e-commerce businesses because it means that they can showcase products in a form which we are seeing yield great results.
  • Superzoom effects are also being tested.


  • New feature which will help evaluate how authentic an account is called “ABOUT THIS ACCOUNT” which is where you can see when the account joined Instagram, the country where it is located, who are shared followers, any username changes the page has had within the last 12 months and any ads which are being run by the account. You will be able to report any account you believe violates the community guidelines.
  • GLOBAL VERIFICATION form for notable public figures- blue verified badge which lets you know that the person you are following is legit.
  • Improved form of 2 factor AUTHENTICATION– soon you will be able to access third party authenticator apps to log in to your Instagram account.


  • Instagram is working hard to reduce bullying related content. They have introduced machine learning technology which can detect any bullying related content in photos and captions. Any inappropriate content which is detected will be sent to the Community Operations team to be reviewed.
  • Instagram has also introduced bullying comment filters which now also apply to live videos as well as general comments.
  • There has also been a camera effect created in Stories and the intention behind it is to spread kindness.
If you have a favourite out of these new features, let us know! Also if you have any further questions feel free to let us know.
If you would like to receive regular updates, or know how to do any of these updates head to our group Social Media Hacks and we can help you!


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