How do you know what clients and prospects are looking for?

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In the modern marketing environment as a business it is important to be responsive and always adding value that will help both clients and prospects resolve key issues they are looking to fix.
It is not enough to just project what you think.
So, knowing that is the case, how do you work out what it is that your ideal prospects and clients will most likely be looking for?

There are many ways you can work this out but some of our top tips are:
* Look at the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS you are being asked by prospects and clients – what do they want to know?
* Ensure your WEBSITE IS OPTIMISED properly as this helps eg. People who get a website built through us can see what people searched in Google to find them /land on their website
* Research TRENDING ARTICLES AND TOPICS on the social media platforms
* Get PROPER FEEDBACK from clients as this will usually give you a clear indication of where you can make improvements
*NETWORK with other businesses in the same industry so you can share what issues they find their clients and prospects are experiencing.

Always remember that proper communication and the genuine desire of wanting to add value are the most critical elements.

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