Our team of experts will help you create a proper website which is tailored to suit your business and pleases Google at the same time!

Having a website that properly illustrates the vibe of your brand is critically important in order for you to attract your ideal target and build a sustainable business.
As there is over 1.5 billion websites online, it is critically important that you make sure yours stands out to your ideal target and gives them a clear impression as to what you are like as a brand, and whether or not you are likely to be the right fit for them. 

When we help you create your website, we will ensure that your target audience is the primary focus and that the layout and content chosen relates to them. This will enable you to stand out to them and build trust instantly because they will be able to understand who you are and how you can specifically help them. It is really important that your website serves a purpose rather than being another generic one. 

Having a website which is built properly enables you to have 24/7 visibility. If a new prospect wants to see who you are and how you operate then they can go online and find out, no matter what time of the day or night. All of our websites come with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) setup and you have the option of choosing ongoing SEO services as well. In order to achieve the best exposure possible we would recommend you undertake ongoing SEO.



A website without a proper strategy behind it is essentially useless. Initially, we spend time with you working out exactly what you want and advising you on what we would suggest is the best approach to attract your ideal target. As part of out strategy phase we help you work out the content that should be included on your pages and also ensure that the layout is appropriate and has enough points to assist with moving your ideal target into your marketing funnel.


Our team of experts will build your website. Based on the strategy which has been put together, our design team will create all of the visual content (photos and videos, and the written content that is required. Our developers will then complete all of the coding which is required and we will test your site to make sure all of it is functioning as it should be. We will communicate with you throughout the whole process and keep you informed as to what is happening.


We will send you a preview of your website and once any necessary changes have been made, and you have approved it, our team will launch it live for you. We will use a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to get your website live and our experienced developer will do it so should any unforeseen issues arise, you do not need to worry. You can relax and be excited to see your amazing new website appear! Once your site is live you will be shown how to use it and have the option of purchasing ongoing SEO and maintenance so that you can ensure you get the best outcome possible.


Leading Edge Design

Our team of experts will help you design your website through choosing an appropriate layout, font and colours. In case you are struggling for ideas in terms of design we also have a website library that you can view for inspiration.

Content Structure

We will provide you with a content structure which is written appropriately for your ideal target audience, yet also is written in a way that appropriately projects your business.

User Experience Layout

We will ensure that the website pages created for you have an appropriate layout which is suitable to position you to attract your ideal target audience. We will also make sure that the website we build for you is responsive across different devices.

SEO Setup

All of our websites include proper Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) setup. This means that your website will be setup appropriately for search engines such as Google. You will also have the option of purchasing ongoing SEO maintenance.

Detailed Analytics

We will ensure that you have Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel setup correctly so that you can track the traffic you are receiving and always have an ongoing inclination as to how your website is performing (and importantly where traffic is coming from).


Once your website is complete we will provide you with training to make sure you know how to use each component of your new website properly.



We are a boutique marketing agency who has created our own effective 6 step model which will help you attract your ideal target. We are all highly skilled and focused on helping you achieve your goals whilst leveraging your time and achieving a decent return on investment.

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