Why your business needs a marketing purpose

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Kerwin Rae posted a video recently where he stated that “Your business’ purpose is not to make money. …Money makes people dishonest and stupid when it is a focus…Money is a natural consequence of delivering value.”

This is so very true in reference to the marketing of your business. You would be surprised how many business owners i speak to, alot of which are established businesses and have been in operation for years, who do not have a clearly defined marketing purpose. There are also those business owners who have their marketing purpose defined but it is not specific enough or does not clearly relate to the overall business purpose.

The result of the marketing purpose not being clearly defined is usually a poor strategy because guess what?
It is hard to know who you want to attract when you don’t know what your overall purpose and objective is. The target audience is therefore usually not properly defined and very broad. Engagement and reach, the two criteria which need to be focused on this year, are often diminished as a result of a poorly defined target audience. 

Another problem that often occurs as a result of lack of a marketing purpose, and the target audience not being defined properly, is what i call scatterbrain content. That is, random pieces of content just being put out there on an inconsistent basis which doesn’t usually add the value that is required. A lack of consistency = a lack of value and again usually leads to diminished overall reach and engagement.

So if you are a small business starting out or even a business who needs help with your marketing to improve the results; start with working out your purpose. Then you can work out your target audience and a proper content plan that will be consistent & add value.

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