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Our mission is to assist small to medium businesses with increasing their online exposure in a manner that is authentic, genuine and enables the business to build a sustainable brand. The business owners we work with are passionate about their businesses and actively involved. We do not work with those wanting a “quick fix” or wanting to hand over the marketing of their business and have no involvement at all as both of these usually involve a breach in authenticity & ethics.

Director- Lead Social Media Marketing Strategist

Alana has a background in marketing and also finance. She is passionate about assisting small to medium businesses with increasing their digital exposure through implementing the right marketing foundations and strategy. When assisting clients to increase their exposure, Alana’s goal is to ensure that they are acting in a way that is authentic and emphasis is always on building (& maintaining) a sustainable brand.

As well as working one on one with clients and mentoring them, Alana also runs events. Some of the most recent topics she has trained people on include:

* Social Media Strategy for small business – The 6 key foundations every business owner should know
* LinkedIn – how to properly optimise & utilise the platform
* Managing multiple social media accounts
* Social Media Etiquette
* Writing appropriate content.

Outside of assisting clients, Alana enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, researching/investing in property and adventures.


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