7 Top Tips for achieving a great social media presence

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Sadly this is a misconception that many business owners seem to have regarding social media marketing. Of course there are very clear steps, 7 of which I am about to list, which will make a massive difference to the amount of time and effort required by you on a consistent basis. However, you must realise that there will always be some level of time and effort required. There is no cheating or taking shortcuts if you want to build a long term sustainable brand utilising social media.

The 7 top tips to achieving a social media presence are:

  1. PROPERLY ENGAGE WITH PEOPLE ON YOUR PLATFORMS- Sadly one common mistake that seems to be made is business owners wanting more and more when they aren’t fully utilising what they currently have available to them. Always make sure you are making effort to connect properly with those already following you and wanting to connect with you. There is no point in having a network of, for example, 10,000 likes, none of which engage with you. At the end of the day engagement is where conversion is most likely to happen and also as I am sure you are aware with Facebook this year it is going to be critical in terms of reach.
  2. SET UP & CORRECTLY UTILISE THE MOST APPROPRIATE PLATFORMS FOR YOUR BUSINESS- There are many somewhat misinformed marketers out there that will tell you that you need every social media platform to give you the “greatest chance of success.” This is incorrect. There are actually 3 platforms that we usually focus on with our clients because you are far better off having 3 platforms and utilising all of them correctly as opposed to having all and not using any properly which of course then will diminish your overall results.
  3. ALWAYS BE CONSISTENT IN REFERENCE TO HOW OFTEN YOU POST-  One of the most common questions we get asked is how often should i be posting on each platform? The answer to this is the best way to find out is testing with your specific target audience and seeing what they prefer however you also need to consider what is achievable for you as the business owner or whoever is taking control of the social media marketing aspect of your business.
  4. ANSWER ANY QUERIES OR QUESTIONS WITHIN A TIMELY MANNER as prospects searching for business online who can help them solve a specific problem are usually impatient. Waiting too long can make it look like you do not care and also gives them the chance to have already found someone else
  5. ENSURE YOUR BRAND IS RECOGNISABLE ACROSS DIFFERENT PLATFORMS YOU USE- and by this we are not just talking about the same logo or colours (though of course they do help). It is most important to consider the overall purpose and message you want to project through the marketing of your business and also your specific ideal target audiences. Both of these done properly will help you achieve consistency because it is likely that there will be consistent themes throughout the content you produce.
  6. BE SURROUNDED BY THE RIGHT SUPPORT TEAM WHO CAN ASSIST YOU- The right support is critical in providing you with the current updates you need to be aware of for the platforms you are using and also any of the latest trends. Additionally the right support network should hold you accountable.
  7. DON’T LET FEAT STOP YOU. Give it a go. There is never a “right time” to start and you should never let the fear of the unknown stop you from starting. Mindset is critical with marketing, especially being able to trust what you are doing and persevere through whatever unexpected events occur.

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