6 simple tips for creating effective Facebook content

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Creating suitable content on a consistent basis can be one of the biggest challenges faced by any business.

It can be a challenging process because you have to create decent content that your ideal target is looking for, and it should ideally be search engine friendly so it has an increased chance of being seen. On top of that in reference to Facebook it should be somewhat entertaining and fun and not just serious or promitional all the time.

Not exactly easy right?

Never fear though, we have compiled our top tips here to help you create content on Facebook and we can also give you further support if required. We want the proces to be simplified for you and of course at the same time done properly!



Make sure that what you are posting is likely to appeal. In order to work out what your ideal target is likely to be looking for, keep it simple and focus on two simple yet effective tactics that will help you.
First, think about the Frequently Asked questions you get asked. What common questions do both new prospects and current clients tend to ask ?
Second, what specific problems are your ideal target audeince likely to be facing? For example if you are an electrician peoplelooking to hire you are likely to want to know additional information on top of the services you offer. They will probably want to know whether or not you are reliable and actually show up on time, whether you are properly qualified and see examples of recent work you have done.



I know its easier said than done. It takes time to work out what your audience likes the most and testing a measuring is the best way to test what they will like. To give you some ideas you can try a combination of:
– Live videos
– New features if your business is product based or relevant tips/added services if service based
– If product based product launch information
– Questions and polls asking questions that are a mix of feedback based and fun
– Promotional posts
– Stories – which are relevant yet engaging


Many so called “experts” are advising people to post multiple times a day. It is not necessary or achievable for any small to medium business owner who, lets face it, often uses their time productively and therefore doesnt have endless hours to waste.
In regards to Facebook, we find that 1 post per day and a maximum of 5 per week is usually sufficient provided of course that it is decent content being provided. Please also note that there are no generic “ideal days/times” to be posting. You will need to test out with your ideal audience what is the right time and it may surprise you!
Please note: Over 10,000 followers it can change and more per day can be more suitable but majority of small to medium businesses do not have over 10,000 organic followers.



Consistent research is critical in terms of creating content.

In order to be seen as an expert, regardless of the platform, it is important to be known as a thought leader. To be known as a thought leader it is important to comment on trending topics and not be afraid to challenge what is necessary.

Sharing content is also an important way to show that you keep up to date with trending topics within your industry and is a great way to reduce the amount of content you have to create a little bit (no shortcuts through sharing too much allowed!!!!).


If you are stuck for content ideas, or simply hate doing videos by yourself (which is more common than you would think) then interviewing experts can be a great option. Interviewing experts enables you to provide your network with extra value which is the main overall objective when creating content. It also enables you to have increased exposure as you have access to their followers if you cross promote correctly.


Reposting and sharing content again is a step we find many business owners often fail to do.

If you are creating valuable content which is relevant for your ideal target then it is fine to share it multiple times (within reason of course- sharing it too frequently may make it look like you don’t have enough content or are lazy).

If these Facebook content creation tips will help you, let us know! Also if you have any further questions feel free to let us know.

If you would like to receive regular updates, or know how to do any of these updates head to our group Social Media Hacks and we can help you!

Until next time, stay social! 


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