6 reasons to love Australia in 2020

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Happy Australia Day! 

Australia is one of the best countries isn’t it?

We really are so lucky to be living in this country which has plenty of opportunity and provides us with a high quality of life. If you need more convincing as to why Australia is the best place to live, then here are my top 6:

1. Our Cities. Australia really does have the most beautiful cities. Of course, Melbourne is my favourite city. In fact in the most recent Liveability Index study by The Economist Intelligent Unit Melbourne came in as the second most liveable city in the world. Impressive isn’t it? So what makes Melbourne so liveable? There is the architecture and landscaping including many open spaces and parks. We also have excellent healthcare facilities and services and education including many top of the class universities and schools. Freedom and opportunity is also always possible here in Australia.

2. Our Animals. We have many unique animals here in Australia that are unique to our beautiful country. Some of them include: Kangaroo, Koala, Wombat, Wallaby, Platypus, Koookaburra, Emus and Crocodiles. 

3. Desinations to visit and have an experience. I don’t know about you, but I certainly love adventure! Luckily Australia is the perfect place for that. The list could go on forever but some of my favourite spots to visit for adventure include:

* Dandenong Ranges

* Yarra Valley

* Red Hill. Red Hill has some of the most stunning wineries as well including Port Phillip Estate, Point Leo Estate and of course also Arthurs Seat (including the Arthurs Seat challenge which I can say is challenging but a great experience!!). 

* Phillip Island. The Phillip Island Wildlife park is fantastic as well as the beaches and the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory.  The Phillip Island Nature Park is also a stunning spot and the penguin parade is a great experience (especially with children!).

* Mount Buller and Mount Hotham are fantastic for snow adventures.

* Torquay – the perfect spot to relax and chill by the beach

* Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road is a stunning spot to visit, especially the twelve apostles.

4. Food. Not only are there many amazing restaurants and cafes to eat in around Melbourne, but there are also many foods which are traditionally unique to Australia, including:

* Vegemite 

* Fairy Bread

* Tim Tams

* Anzac Biscuits

* Pavlova 

* Lamingtons

5. Music. We are very lucky in Australia to have a lot of music that has originated here. From traditional indignenous music right through to contemporary; there are many artists who have produced excellent music for us all to enjoy. Some of my favourite bands include:

* INXS. All in all? I have to admit these guys are one of my favourites and in equal place with the legendary Jimmy Barnes! INXS have so many great songs, some of them including: Don’t Change, Devil Inside, Never Tear Us Apart, New Sensation, Tear Us Apart, Pretty Vegas, Just Keep Walking and many more.

* Jimmy Barnes. Not only has Jimmy Barnes produced amazing music, but he is such an inspiring person who consistently gives back as much as he can. Some of Jimmy Barnes’ most known songs include: No Second Prize, Working Class Man, Lay Down Your Guns, Too Much Ain’t Enough, Driving Wheels, When You’re Love Is Gone, Little Darling, Flame Trees, When the war is over & many more. 

* ACDC. Some of their greatest songs include Highway to Hell, You Shook Me All Night Long, Thunderstruck, Dirty Deeds, Back in Black and many more!

* Kylie Minogue. Some of her greatest hits include Spinning Around, On a Night Like this, Love at First Sight, Better the Devil You Know & many more.

* Sia. Some of her greatest hits include Chandeleir, Cheap Thrills, Unstoppable, Elastic Heart, The Greatest, Flames, Alive and Breathe Me.

6. Sayings.
Mate, did you know there are so many popular sayings which originated in Australia? If not, here are some including a sentence to give you some context:

* Ace. Getting marketing done by Xpozur is Ace.

* G’Day. G’Day how are you?

* A cold one. The average Aussie likes to sit back and have a cold one

* Blood oath.  Bloody oath that is some impressive food

* Good on ya. Good on ya – job well done!

* Barbie. Just cook it on the barbie mate.

* Dag. Don’t be a dag (silly)

*Far dinkum.  Australia is a fair dinkum country

* Devo. If your marketing fails I can guarantee you will be devo.

* Straya. Welcome to straya

* Stuffed. I’ve been working too hard and I’m stuffed.

* Sanger. Time to stop and have a sanger (sandwich).

* Rack off. When someone inboxes you offering services you haven’t asked for tell them to rack off! 

* You little ripper. Meaning: anything or anyone who is particularly excellent.

* Up yourself. If you talk about yourself in the wrong context online it is likely you will be perceived as up yourself.

* True blue. Meaning is true and Australian. 


I would love to hear your input as well.

Do you have a favourite destination, food, artist or saying that you could add to this list?

If so please add it in the comments below!

Aside from that, keep enjoying this beautiful country and I hope you enjoy this wonderful day with your family and friends.

Until next time, stay social!

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