Are You Aware That There Are 5 Core Mindset Principles A Social Media Marketing Strategy Requires You To Have (In Order For You To Achieve A High Level Of Success)?


Without the right mindset it is almost impossible for business owners to soar to high levels of success with their marketing. The 2 most common underlying root causes blocking business owners from reaching the next level of success with their social media marketing are: 1. Fear of change. What if they are required to do something they have never done before? 2. Fear of uncertainty. What if they are about to implement doesn’t work? Or what if it does and they reach a level of success they never have before- will they be able to cope? It is well known that succumbing to either of these 2 fears will significantly diminish your chance of achieving success in multiple areas of your business (not just the marketing). Arguably they are one of the first things you should focus on fixing if they are an issue for you. Also, if you have no confidence no matter how you kid yourself it will show up not only in your marketing but also within your business. These are the 5 key mindset components we believe are critical in order for you to achieve the next level of success with your social media marketing strategy:

Potential and scalability


Focus on potential & ability to scale!

    What potential do you currently think your business has? Do you think it can reach the high levels you are ideally aiming for? Potential refers to how you think your business can grow – and more importantly the level you firmly believe it can reach. It is one thing to have defined a goal you would ideally like to achieve, but it is another to actually work out how you will get the business there. You need to work out exactly what personal growth you have to do, and what action you must take, to get there. Over time we have unfortunately seen some business owners who were happy with the idea of growth and thought they were ready for it, however once the business reached the ideal heights they were aiming for guess what happened? They panicked because they had not firmly believed that the business would get to that level and so when it did they weren’t ready for it. Scalability refers to how your business will cope should it wish to expand very quickly. Social media is a great marketing tool in that traction can be instant and, with everything in alignment, you can reach great success. However it is also easy for reputation damage to occur should a business not be able to meet promises. Therefore it is important as a business owner that you realise exactly where your business is at, and what you may need to put in place to be able to cope with sudden expansion.

    getting out of your own head with your social media marketing strategy


    Get out of your own head!

    If you truly want to achieve the next level of success with your business, and use the right social media marketing strategy to do so, then naturally this is going to require more effort from you, and possibly more personal growth, Whilst there are practices you can put in place in order to make it somewhat easier so you can work harder, not smarter, there will always be effort required. Being able to get out of your own head and focus on adding value will be vital for you to remain consistent with the level of effort required. As an example, there may be times where you may not feel like doing a Facebook live to connect with your audience. Perhaps you might be tired or have other tasks which need doing. If you are suck in your own head it is likely you wouldn’t do it because you would be thinking along the lines of “im tired, I’ll just do it tomorrow”. This in turn would also likely result in you either appearing inconsistent to your audience or missing the opportunity to generate leads. However, if you are focused on your mission and adding value you would go live anyway because you know that your audience needs the value you can provide. You will not reach high levels of success, and break through core self limiting beliefs, by being selfish and egocentric. You will only break through them by focusing on growing with the intention of being able to add value to others Feedback is also a critical component of any marketing strategy and if you are in your own head all the time you are probably not using it correctly. If stuck in your own head you will focus on feedback which puffs up your ego such as “great products or service” and not the constructive feedback which will help you improve your business moving forward.

    Long term focus & realistic thinking


    Maintain a long term focus & be realistic

    Creating success through social media marketing does take time and it also requires consistent effort. Many people seem to think of it as a switch that they can just turn on and off when they “all of a sudden need leads.” The problem with this sort of thinking is that it means the business is only trying to use it when they are desperate and “need more business.” Believe me when I tell you that desperation shows in marketing. The sustainable brands we see which achieve success know that it is a long term process and therefore they are consistent and never give up or succumb to excuses. They also don’t fear uncertainty or change- they know that both of these are a natural component of any business. Social media marketing is not just a case of putting up ads or awareness level content and thinking you are done. It is about having a suitable social media marketing strategy which allows you to consistently add value authentically and in the process build a sustainable brand. It is so easy for clients to access information now when they are looking for a problem to be resolved and as a result the number of touchpoints required before people trust you is constantly increasing. Therefore a dose of reality, in terms of understanding you will need to be adding sufficient content to build trust, and the understanding that it is not an overnight process, is critically important. If you are new to the social media marketing space, or have not been utilising it correctly, then naturally it may take a bit of time before people will trust you enough to want to purchase your products &/or services.

    connection with social media marketing strategy


    Remain committed & connect with people!

    Social media marketing takes time to establish, especially if you have no presence at all or have been aiming at the wrong target and therefore need to essentially change what you have been doing and start again. Any business owner who wants to achieve success with their social media marketing strategy needs to be committed. Adaptability is always going to be an important part of any marketing strategy because testing and measuring is always required. Therefore, remaining committed is important as it will ensure you make adjustments which will get you closer to your overall target. Please note in order to get the best results possible it is important to include persistence and determination as part of the commitment you make. Connection is also a critical component. Many business owners who come to us struggling to achieve traction with their social media marketing are unfortunately using their social media platforms as a promotion tool only. They are forgetting about the connection aspect. Connection is critically important. Social media marketing is not just a process of putting up content that you like or makes you look good. It is a matter of putting up content which your ideal target audience would be interested in and therefore is likely to share (or will entice them to want to connect with you). Social Media Marketing is about generating qualified leads which have the ability to bring you conversion (& therefore ROI) – it is not just about generating awareness. Therefore having suitable content which is aimed at a relevant target audience is critically important. Connection also needs to be done correctly and authentically. One common mistake we see business owners making is that they will use messenger as a way to initially connect with prospects and to do so they will send through a message flat out promoting themselves (& their business) before the proper conversation has even started. This is a fatal mistake. Messenger is personal for people so if you are going to utilise it as a marketing tool then you need to make sure the person knows, likes and somewhat trusts you first. Just sending a message initially is like walking up to someone in the street and saying “hey I do social media marketing are you looking to generate more qualified leads?” Always be authentic and do it properly- take the time to get to know people and know what they are looking for.

    passion and authenticity with your social media marketing strategy


    Show your passion & always be authentic

    When you are passionate about what you do, it shows heavily throughout your business. If you are passionate about your business and adding value to clients and prospects it clearly shows especially in the modern marketing environment with live video. In the modern day social media marketing environment you cant bullshit people- if you do they are likely to see through it as it will show through irrelevant content or in live video if you use it. Furthermore, it is vital to sort out any lack of confidence, care or certainty you may be experiencing as this will also show and negatively impact your brand. Authenticity is also critical because again if you are inauthentic it shows. You cant just hide behind “good ads” or “content that looks nice.” You need to connect with people and illustrate that you authentically have the solution which can help resolve the specific problem they want resolved.

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