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We help you connect with your ideal target strategically and with an authentic, genuine approach!

Are you struggling with connecting, converting, or finding your ideal client?

Perhaps you are posting content consistently but not attracting your ideal target properly. Perhaps you are generating enough “likes” and vanity metrics however have no funnel in place and therefore conversion is suffering. 

Do you want to create a new website which is design savvy, search engine optimised and tailored to attract your ideal target? 

If so, our website development team can build it for you!

Before we begin your website build, we will liaise with you to discuss your specific goal(s) and then provide you with a tailored solution to help you achieve it. We will ensure you understand everything you should know and keep you informed throughout the design and build of your website. 

Click through to see a range of websites we have built!

Have you decided that you would prefer to outsource your social media management to a team of experts so you can focus on other areas of your business?

If so, our management package is the perfect solution! Our management package typically includes research, content sourcing and curation, posting and constant monitoring or analytics as well as ongoing strategy creation and implementation. 

Our unique point of difference at Xpozur with our social media management packages is that we have a set amount of clients we manage at any given time to ensure that what we create is always at the highest possible standard.
Emphasis is always placed on maximising the return on investment you make and ensuring we deliver outstanding results.

Are you planning to create and execute your own marketing strategy however would like an expert to teach you how to do it properly?
Implementing your own marketing is a significant enough investment in terms of the ongoing research required, execution and adaption required. 
Why make it even harder for yourself when you can shortcut the learning?

As part of our marketing advisory program you will have access to weekly sessions with our experienced director Alana Joynes where she will teach you what you need to know in order to achieve your goal(s). All clients who are a part of our advisory program also get access to updates of the social media platforms they are on too. 

The Xpozur approach

Industries We Work With

Who drives our company?

Alana is a marketing strategist who is passionate about supporting business owners to grow their business through connecting with their ideal customer and building themselves as the well known brand. 

Alana developed our Focused Leverage Framework, regularly runs training events for companies and has also been featured by Go Daddy which you can read here.

You are welcome to check Alana out further here and get to know her. 

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